The School of Computing is allocated a certain number of rooms for teaching students. A database is to be formed with information about all the rooms. Members of staff will be able to interrogate the database to find which types of rooms are available; they will also require a feature which enables them to book a room.

Each Room has the following properties:

  • Room Number (String)
  • Room Type (Integer) 1=Classroom, 2=Lecture Theatre, 3=Practical Lab, 0=Other.
  • Capacity (Integer)

The application is to be built in two stages:

  • Stage 1: Rooms Database
  • Stage 2: Room Booking

You are required to develop the prototype of such a system, the prototype is being developed to test the system; all input will be via the keyboard.

Stage 1: Rooms Database

Design a class Room with the following properties:

  • roomNo string,default: ???
  • type integer, (0,1,2,3) default 0
  • capacityinteger,default: 0

Write a constructor and a method to print details of a Room on the console.

Amend your Room class by writing the following additional methods:

  • methods to set and get the properties of a Room
  • a method to ask the user for details of a Room
  • a toString() method. This should display the room type as Classroom, Lecture Theatre, Laboratory; if the room type is 0 the room type is displayed as blank.

You are advised to write a simple application to test all your methods.

Develop a menu driven application which will enable the user to:

  • add a room to the database,
  • display details of all rooms,
  • display details of a room given the room number.

Your application should incorporate data validation where appropriate.

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