Create a new project within Eclipse using your own name as its title e.g. “firstname_lastname_ca3”. This program will be based on the concept Multi-Threading.

Program Specification

There should be three classes – 1. RotatingImages 2. TerminalWindow 3. Driver

RotatingImages Class

This class should:

  • Be responsible for implementing the GUI.
  • Creating the animation which involves displaying 4 images in the time space of 1 second.
  • To the user, this animation should look like the “Eclipse” logo is spinning around in the centre of a frame.

TerminalWindow Class

This class should:

  • Be responsible for outputting text to the terminal window upon each full revolution of the image i.e. “Revolution 1”, “Revolution 2” and so on until the program ends.
  • The terminal window output should be timed to print every 1 second.

Other Information

  • The frame should have the title “Spinning Eclipse Logo EDP CA3”.
  • This project should involve using two threads (as well as the main thread of control).
  • The “Runnable” interface should be implemented in each case.


Extra Information:

  • You should develop this program using Eclipse.
  • You should insert comments to explain your code and to enable the smooth use of the Javadoc tool.
  • The use of correct Java coding conventions and extra initiative will gain extra marks.
  • All code submitted should be your own work.
  • Code from any third party sources is not acceptable in this project.
  • Your full project should be thoroughly tested and “zipped” prior to final submission.
  • In the interests of fairness, late submission of projects will incur a penalty.
  • The lecturer reserves the right to interview individual students regarding code submissions prior to grading projects.
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