Problem Statement

In this exercise, you will study the effect of several parameters used with RR scheduling. To solve the exercise, you will need to implement a discrete simulation to experiment with the performance of this strategy under different time slice lengths and different dispatcher overhead times. Do this by writing a simulation program to imitate the behavior of a single-CPU system that has a preemptive RR scheduler, and then collecting performance data regarding the operation of the simulation.

Use the following data to create an input file to represent process arrival and service times, where each line represents a process arriving into your simulated system. The first number is the arrival time (in integer seconds), and the second number is the amount of time the process requires to complete (in floating-point seconds).

30 0.78
54 17.28
97 32.82
133 39.99
163 42.81
181 28.25
204 45.56
249 26.37
287 48.58
325 37.27
365 37.14
399 22.06
424 47.17
455 20.09
488 56.05
531 39.64
572 0.72
610 34.73
637 21.59
658 48.48
685 21.47
729 44.60

In looking at the first line, the first process arrives at time 30 and requests 0.78 second of CPU time.

After you have implemented your simulation, run simulation experiments using the input data, but change the dispatcher overhead time to be the values, 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 milliseconds and the time quanta of 50, 100, 250, and 500 milliseconds.

For each of the time quanta, you should run your data and dispatcher overhead time. This will give you 24 sets of data. For each run you are to report the following information:

  • Total length of the simulation
  • Average turnaround time
  • Average process wait time
  • Average queue length
  • Maximum queue length
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