The goal of the activity is to reinforce and test your understanding of the all the concepts that we have covered so far in the course.

Q1. Extend the rock-paper-scissors game with the additional constraint that the user should lose 3 successive games before she/he can win a game. You are free to use your work from assignment 3 and extend it to add the above-described constraint. Make sure that your program displays an appropriate menu and executes the game until the user chooses to quit. At the end of each turn, the game should display a running tally of the number of wins, losses and ties that the user has accumulated.

Q2. Create a menu-driven program to implement the guess-the-jumbled-word game. Here are the requirements

  • The user is shown a jumbled version of a word
  • The user enters her/his choice
  • If the user guessed the word correctly, display a message indicating that the user won the game and quit, otherwise, display a message indicating that the user lost and quit.
  • To create a jumbled version of a word, use the provided method that accepts a String as an input and returns a jumbled version of the String. The accompanying source file illustrates the use of the method.
  • Your program should be composed of multiple methods, each of which performs a unique task. Use the design principles that we discussed during session 4 for creating the methods and sequencing the execution of program logic.
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