Write the class named as SalaryEmployee_yourLastName that helps the company to calculate and print out the salary of the employes. The program should do the following tasks:

  • ask users to provide empolyee’ name, id, work hours and pay rate.
  • Print out the information of the employee with the pay check amount, for example: (if the work hours per week > 40, the extra hour get 1.5*payRate per hour)
Employee Name: CLINTON, Jenifer
Employee ID: 11111
Employee Pay Rate: $15.00/hour - Work Hours: 86
Two Weeks Gross Pay: $15.0 * 80 + 1.5 * 15.0 * 6 = $1335.0
Federal Tax (18.5%) = $247.07
Social Security (4.2%) = $56.07
Medicare (1.45%) = $19.36
State (2.7%) = $36.05
Net Pay = $976.45

Hint: To do this project we need two classes: Employee and SalaryEmployee_YourLastName

Class Employee: class has the following

  • data members named as name (String), employID (int), department(String), payRate (double), workHour (int)
  • No argument constructor, parameter constructor (Learn how to write the constructor at Learn From Questions page)
  • the mutator methods
  • accessor methods. See the examples on slide 3-18 and 3-19
  • (Learn how to write the mutator methods and accessor methods at Learn From Questions page)
  • method named as calculateSalary. The formula: Salary = payRate * workHour + 1.5 * payRate *overTimeHour
  • Method toString (Learn how to write the method toString at Learn From Questions page)

Class SalaryEmployee_yourLastName:

  • Read input: name, employee, department, payRate, workHour
  • create the object of Employee
  • display the infomration and net pay of employee.
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