You will be required to implement a variety of user stories in a product backlog using the Scrum methodology. The assignment will be performed in a group of (two or) three (group will be formed from within a lab group). This assignment mandates the use of pair programming – the students should swap the role of driver and observer, so that the each group member should be responsible for equal number of user stories in the product backlog. Each member should have an equal number of user stories.

With the first assignment about calculating a recommended intake of a calorie for a patient, you are advised to build a simple data maintenance application into your assignment 1 solution. The new application should be able to connect different type of database systems for example MySQL database or Microsoft Access database. The code should not depend on specific types belonging to a provider such as MySQL or Microsoft Access. A new database needs to be added to the list of supported databases, a new provider should be incorporated without requiring code modification in the client. The provider object should be instantiated in a consistent manner. If a client is using an object from one provider, then some mechanism should be in place so that only objects belonging to a specific provider are instantiated.


  • Develop the above requirements in to user stories with scenarios and document them to form the product backlog as done in the Scrum methodology.
  • Describe what design pattern can solve the above problem and how? Implement your design to solve the problem.
  • Explain how your solution can be re-factored using Dependency Injection (DI) pattern and implement your solution.
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