You have successfully won a contract to develop a mobile web-based app using JQuery Mobile for SellMore Company Ltd. in Ontario. SellMore is a wholesaler that sells computer parts to its clients all over Canada.

You are asked to:

1. Design and populate the customer, invoice, and products files in JSON format for SellMore Company. Please refer to Appendix A for the file layouts

2. Development an app that has the following features:

  • List all customers.
  • Display individual customer information.
  • Show all customer locations on Google Map.
  • Email customer.
  • List all invoices by customer.
  • Display individual invoice information.
  • List all products by customer.
  • Display individual product information.

Your application must meet all the requirements set above at the minimum.

Remember ... the site should be designed as a mobile site and will be graded as such.

Your application will be viewed on Screenfly as mobile (iPhone 6 Plus option / Landscape Mode).

Extra credits will be given for additional functions and features and good presentation.

Appendix A - File Layouts

Customer File:

compId (Company ID – KEY)
compName (Company Name)
compAddr (Company Address)
compContact (Company Contact)
compPhone (Company Phone#)
compEmail (Company Email)
[invNum, …..] (Invoice #s - FK)

Invoice File:

invNum (Invoive Number - KEY)
invDate (Invoice Date)
invAmt (Invoice Amount)
compId (Company ID - FK)
[{prodId, qty},….] (Product IDs - FK, Quantity)

Product File:

prodId (Product ID – KEY)
prodDesc (Product Description)
prodAmt (Amount)

Class diagram. see image.

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