Final project will be to analyze, design, and document a simple program that utilizes a good design process and incorporates sequential, selection and repetitive programming statements as well as at least one function call and the use of at least one array. the specific problem you need to solve for the final project is: Design a program that will allow a user to input a list of members of a family, along with their ages and the states where they reside. Determine and print the average age of members of the family, and print the names of any family members who live in Texas. You may assume that the family contains at most 10 members.

There are two deliver ables for this project. The first delivery is the project plan which includes your problem statements, problem analysis, and how it will comply with the project specifications. The final delivery will be completed project design along with your code comments and comprehensive test plan.

Format: Project plan format and length: The documentation describing your analysis and test plan should be written using Microsoft Word. The font should 12 point. The margins should be 1 inch. The paragraphs should be formatted with double line or single line spacing. Any figures, tables, equations should be neatly labeled. All references should use APA style.

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