For this homework you will build upon your Shopping Cart Assignment.

Your job is to design and adhere to the requirements of the project.


In this project, you create the core features of a shopping cart. To get a clear idea of how the project works, take a look at the following use case: Bob needs to buy some teabags for his mobile caf. He goes to a popular online shop. Bob does not have a user account on the Web site but starts shopping anyway. He clicks the Beverages category and sees the list of teabags. He clicks the Buy link and is taken to another page, where he can choose the quantity. He selects 10 boxes of teabags and adds them to his shopping cart. When he adds them it takes him to the shopping cart page. There he can then check out. He will need to supply his shipping address and credit card information. Once he does and it is validated, he will be taken to a confirmation page stating the order has been approved and will be shipped.

Your Task is to modify your midterm to do the following

If the customer wants to order from the mobile caf, ask for the customer information. This information should include: First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, and ZIP. (if you like ask for id and password). This information should be stored in the customer table in your database.

1)ask the customer to log in or register. If they provide their id and password, show the customer information. If they do not provide correct id and password, say so. If they want to register, do #1 above.

2)Once signed on they can now order. On one page (page 1) have a list of items (tea, coffee, etc.). This list can be the same list as on your last assignment (Shopping cart) or you can dynamically create the list by calling a product table in your database Included in this list should be a price visible to the customer. (You can make this up). Have at least 10 items on this list. Modify your project to allow for quantity to be entered once checked

3)After the customer has chosen the products and quantity they want, insert those to the database. You will also have to insert a new row in the Order table with Date of order and order status. Status is either Incomplete or complete. At this point make the status incomplete. Also, you will insert a row for each item in a OrderItem table. This table will have product, quantity, and price. If you used a product table, create a foreign key in OrderItem table to represent the product and price.

4)Once inserted, take the customer to the shopping cart. Here the user will be able to see their order and a total cost for the order (list the item, quantity, unit price and total price (quantity * price) for each item and have a total for the entire order.). Allow the customer to review and click the Order button.

5)allow the customer to click Modify Order button. This should take them back to the order screen and populate everything they order (you will call the database to display the information). Also, I would delete the order and after you display. Then re-insert the order data (#4) upon them submitting again).

6)Once customer clicks the Order Button take them to a final order screen that will display the customers information and the order information that will include total costs and .06 tax if they live in Ohio and add $10.00 for shipping. For 5 extra points, if this order is the 2nd or greater order for the customer, provide free shipping. Allow the customer to click Finalize Order button.

7)Once order has been finalized, change status of order to complete and display and thank you page.

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