Purpose: To write nested iterator (for loop) statements. To use the character conversion specification in the output. To figure out how to code based on customers desires. (The customer is the instructor). To learn to ask questions.

1.Re-use program #8 and where you wrote a function with the formula for simple interest payment i = P R T.

a.The function shall have inputs principal, interest rate and time.

b.The function shall return the amount of interest at the end of the time period.

c.The student is responsible for using the correct formulas.

d.The function shall not error check the input.

e.The function shall not contain any print statements

2.In the main part of the program, use two iterator statements (for loops). Call the function as many times as necessary to correctly implement this assignment. Do NOT add extra lines or tables to the output

3.Example of the output:

99 Nested Neil Miserendino

Interest rate 5% Table
Principal Time Interest
$1000.00 .5 $---
$1000.00 .1 $
$1000.00 1.5 $
$1000.00 2.0 $

Interest rate 6% Table
Principal Time Interest
$1000.00 .5 $
$1000.00 .1 $
$1000.00 1.5 $
$1000.00 2.0 $ ---
^^ The actual results in numbers go in the interest column
… Assume 3 more tables for 7%, 8% and 9% interest
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