Your assignment for Phase 2 of the Semester project is to consolidate the 3 conceptual level ER diagrams required for Phase 1 into a single diagram presenting a logical model of the system. This diagram should consist of a set of relations (in at least 3rd normal form) that is suitable for implementation as tables of a relational database. Thus your Phase 2 model must:

  • Contain no Many to Many relationships
    • Use Association entity types to resolve these
  • Appropriately show the maximum and minimum cardinalities of all relationships (using crows-foot notation)
  • Resolve multi-valued, compound, and derived attributes in the manner described in Chapter 4 of your textbook
    • Multi-valued attributes violate 1st Normal Form and must be placed in a new entity on the many side of a relationship to the original entity.
    • For compound only the detailed sub-components are retained in the logical model
    • Derived attributes are removed from the logical model
  • Appropriately denote all Primary and Foreign keys
    • Primary keys Underlined
    • Foreign keys dashed underline
  • For Supertype/subtype hierarchies
    • Add subtype discriminator attribute(s) as needed
    • Copy primary key of the supertype into each subtype to serve as both primary & foreign key

Your instructor’s solution for Phase 1 is shown on the next 3 slides and should be used, along with the original project description, as you prepare Phase 2. Note that 2 alternatives for the Customer view are presented. In the Orders view, Performer Name and Customer Name might have been simply treated as attributes in the conceptual model, but Customer and Performer are entities in the other views and the logical model will need to provide this information thru relationships to the CUSTOMER and PERFORMER entities. See image 1 of 3. See image 2 of 3. See image 3 of 3.

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