Complete Programming Challenge 4 SkateboardDesigner on p. 907

Use NetBeans’ GUI Builder (see Homework #6) to create the GUI, then code the action for each of the lists and buttons.

Here’s an example of some output – yours can be much more creative! See image.

Document your code, including your name & program's purpose at the top of your source code file (you can do this in one file, including main(), with annotated code throughout. Think of what comments you'd need if you were to look at the program a year from now.


The skate shop sells the skateboard products listed in Table 13-2. (For table 13-2 use the items and categories from the above “Skateboard Designer” picture.

Create an application that allows the user to select one deck, one truck assembly, and one wheel set from either list components or combo boxes. The application should also have a list component that allows the user to select multiple miscellaneous products. The application should display the subtotal, the amount of sales tax (6%), and the total of the order.

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