Using Controls, Sub Procedures, Menus, and Multiple Forms

The purpose of this project is to display your knowledge of VB using any controls that you have learned in class as well as any controls that you have discovered on your own. Write a Visual Basic program that allows the user to complete a Registration Form at a Ski Resort for a Ski Vacation Package. You will also add an About Form and Splash Form to your project.

NOTE: In this project there are no sample forms provided. You must create your own forms.

Name the project Ski Registration.

Rename your form as: SkiRegistrationForm.vb

Create a registration form with controls for all of the following:

  • The first and last name of the person registering at the resort.
  • The number of people in the party (the maximum number of people in a party is 8).
  • The number of days the party is staying at the resort.
  • The type of accommodations. (See below)
  • The number of ski passes. (See below)
  • The price of the accommodations, the price of the ski passes, and the total price.
  • A summary section for the number of packages sold and the average package price for the day

Use text boxes, labels, radio buttons, check boxes, combo boxes, scroll bars, and buttons to create your form.

Your ski registration form must contain each of the following:

  • Combo boxes (at least one).
  • Picture(s) (at least one).
  • A Menu with File-Exit and Help-About choices. You can have other selections as well.
  • The Help-About choice will open an About Box with you as the name of the programmer and the date the project was created.
  • Group boxes to group related controls.

Create an About form to be used with the Help-About Menu Choice. Include the following:

  • A PictureBox with an Image of your Choice
  • A Short Description of the Project
  • Your Name

Create a Splash Screen and Modify it to fit your Project

Design the user interface so that it is easy to use. Add tool tips and access keys. Set the acceptbutton and cancelbutton properties of the form.

Your project must include the following in the code:

  • At least one For-Next or Do-loop (see chapter 7)
  • At least one Block If statement.
  • At least one Try/Catch/End Try block for error handling.
  • At least one Message box.
  • At least one Sub procedures () – see chapter 5.
  • Local and module-level variables (where appropriate).
  • Constants (where appropriate).
  • Set Option Strict ON.
  • Remarks to document all procedures.
  • Conventional and Meaningful NAMES for all controls, variables and constants.
  • Dimension statements for all variables. Limit the scope of your variables as much as possible (local and module-level).

Use the following to figure the cost of the vacation:

1 Day Ski Pass $48 per person
3 Day Ski Pass $140 per person
4 Day Ski Pass $180 per person
7 Day Ski Pass $280 per person
Accommodations On Mountain Off Mountain
Studio $50 per person per night $30 per person per night
1 Bedroom Condo $70 per person per night $50 per person per night
2 Bedroom Condo $100 per person per night $70 per person per night
3 Bedroom Condo $120 per person per night $90 per person per night

Add 10% to the cost of accommodations for High Season (you decide what high season is and how to include high season on the form).

For calculation purposes assume that all members of a party must select from one of the accommodation choices. For example, a party of 4 must all stay in the same condo.

However, members of a party may select different ski pass choices. For example, a party of four may select two one-day passes for two members of the party and two three-day passes for the other two members.

EXTRA CREDIT: Chapter 6 introduces multiple forms. I will give you extra credit if you add a form to display the summary information, not on the main ski registration form.

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