This assignment is designed to test:

  • Your ability to program a Web Services based application using the .NET environment.


Develop and test a Web services based application that meets the following requirements applying SOA design principles.

  • Basic requirements and assumptions
    • The application should be developed using the .NET programming environment. However, you are free to use any programming language you are comfortable with but supported by the .NET development environment.
    • The system to be implemented is a ‘CONVERSION’ service that can perform based on user input and preferences, the following conversions: temperature (Centigrade to Fahrenheit), distance (Kilometres to Miles), and height (Inches to Centimetres).
    • The system should implement both forward and reverse conversions. (e.g., Centigrade to Fahrenheit and Fahrenheit to Centigrade) depending on user preference.
    • The system should be implemented as a complex service that includes a controller/master service that is responsible for interacting with the client application.
    • A response should be sent back to the client and displayed on the screen with all user interaction through a GUI.
    • The figure below shows a possible architecture for the system to be developed. See image.
  • NOTE:
    • The client does not have knowledge of the individual web services. It must make use of the services of the controller for consuming any web service.
    • ONLY the controller has knowledge of all available web services.

Your submitted solution must comprise of a set of documents:

  • VS2010 project files
  • A basic user manual including test data: input and output, and screenshots of the working application.
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