The report will comprise of 2-3 pages (excluding the cover page). Please do not leave unnecessary spaces between sections, paragraphs, or lines. Margins should be reasonably placed, not taking large portions of the pages. If you use any references, please cite them at the end of the report. However, your solution should reflect YOUR own analysis.

Report Contents

  • Introduction: A very brief description of the technology will be given here. Just two paragraphs will be enough (that is about 8-10 lines). The reason is that the technology has already been introduced in the class.
  • In the coming sections, you will describe the scenario that you came up with for solving a certain problem of your choice using your chosen technology or methodology
  • Problem description: Describe all the details related to the problem. The following items may help in writing this part: the inputs, expected outputs, constraints on the problem, usage scenario, etc.
  • Suggested solution: Here, you will suggest how you will solve the problem using the technology. You are not expected to give an expert solution, but you are expected to come up with a solution that can utilize the basic ideas provided by the tool you are using.
  • Expected benefits: Here, you will present the benefits that will be gained through the use of your solution. Think of this section as a defense of your solution.
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