Assignment 1

10-slide (excluding Title and Reference slides) PowerPoint Presentation

There are several different versions of agile development. In this assignment, you will develop a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation investigating and comparing and contrasting 3 different agile methodologies, outlining the leadership qualities needed to assist in facilitating those methods. In addition, explain how each approach contributes to ensuring the role of configuration management is employed to measure and control software development projects.

Assignment 2

3-5 pages excluding title and references page

The capability maturity model integration (CMMI) model provides guidance for applying best practices in a software development organization. CMMI provides models for three areas of interest: development, acquisition, and services.

Your organizations CIO wants to ensure that the software development processes within your department are being properly managed and audited, and he wants to make certain that the organization begins taking the necessary steps to progress to CMMI Level 3.

Access the CMMI Web site to review this document (Click on the blue Download button to view a PDF of the document).

Review the model areas, and explain how each of the models are related to software development process improvement and explain the auditing tasks that must be performed to achieve level III.

Assignment 3

Create a risk management plan identifying your top 10 risks. For each of your top 10 risks, write a brief management strategy, including the following:

  • Any steps you can take to mitigate the risk (risk analysis)
  • Indicators you can monitor to give you an early warning of things going wrong and (monitor and control)
  • A recovery plan to invoke if things do go wrong (response planning)

You have been hired to lead a small software team to development a new customer relationship management (CRM) for a new customer. The customer has expressed the need for this solution to be developed, tested, and implemented within 9 months. Your company feels that this is an aggressive time frame and would like for you to develop a risk management plan.

Assignment 4

2-3 pages (excluding title and references page)

The program manager has questioned whether your project is using estimation best practices for your project. You have been asked to conduct research on project budgeting and estimation tools and how to leverage those project estimates techniques using COCOMO, Analogous, and Delphi into the software development plan. Ensure that you also provide dialogue on various metrics they relate to estimation techniques.

Assignment 5

1 Project Plan (MS Project)

The CIO has also informed you that you must select a software development methodology for the company's proposed human resources management information system. Using MS Project, choose a methodology from the following and create a software development plan, that lists at least 25 tasks.

  • Traditional (Waterfall, Incremental, Spiral, etc.)
  • Agile (Scrum, Crystal, Adaptive, Feature-driven, DSDM, etc.)
  • Extreme Programming (XP)

The new solution should be an end-to-end enterprise human resources management information system designed to meet the needs of the most complex, multinational organizations.


1. How are software projects different from nonsoftware projects, and why is configuration management considered highly desirable in a software development environment?

  • Which model supports software development that has the potential for multiple versus sequential interactions? Do you believe the leadership traits differ for someone who uses the waterfall vs. agile model? Why or why not?

2. Research the waterfall (linear) and agile (iterative/incremental) models that can be employed during software development life cycles.

  • Explain: What are the limitations of the waterfall model?
  • How can those shortcomings be overcome by the agile model?

3. If a new organization wants to utilize CMMI (capability maturity model integration) within its development area, which model would be most appropriate for it to start with?

4. You are a new employee to software company XYZ, and you have been recently hired as a software project manager. Being new to software development standards and guidelines, you have been tasked with learning what those standards are.

Research two standards for managing software projects, examining exactly what those standards provide and why they are necessary.

If applicable, adhere to APA guidelines when creating in-text citations and references. Your assignment should be free of grammatical errors, use complete sentences, and give specific details that support your statements.

5. What is the biggest source of risk in software development projects?

6. You are the project manager for a new software development initiative. You have been asked to create a risk register (at least 5) identifying potential risks associated with this project.

7. What are the different cost estimation techniques that can be used for software development projects?

8. Compare and contrast the following estimation techniques:

  • COCOMO II and Analogous
  • Parametric
  • Three Point
  • Bottom-Up

What are advantages and disadvantages of each?

9. How does EVM help in monitoring a projects status? What are the limitations of EVM?

10. An organization wants you to develop a software system to track personal finances for its customers. Discuss the following?

  • What activities should be present in a project plan?
  • Is your project plan development dependent upon the software development life cycle used? Why or why not?
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