Description: Create a class that can attempt to return the correct spelling of given words. You will implement and use a Hash-based Set. A Set is simply a map in which keys do not have associated values. (See text, Chapter 10). Your program should check a number of common misspellings as detailed below. You will require a spell-checking module, associated data structures, and a driver class that tests your program. Things to consider: what kind of collision resolution do you use?


  • Program source code Use projectsp as the base package for your code. Please do not include IDE project files.
  • Runnable .jar file that runs your test, showing your program at work.
  • Code style Your code displays professionalism and organization.
  • Documentation Describe all the important parts of your code. You should never assume I know anything about your assignment. Try to display a knowledge of how your code functions.
  • Readme.txt A short file that describes how to start your program (and not much else).
  • Post-mortem PDF file describing the progress you made on your assignment. In particular, detail what worked and what did not. The goal is to organize what you learned from your code.
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