a. Draw a use case diagram for the following situation. Draw the diagram using either Rational Rose or StarUML or similar.

A sports club needs to design a system for their club. The system must support both an administrator and a number of members of the sports club.

The system must allow the administrator to log into the system before they can do anything with the system. Once the administrator logs in, the administrator is able to create a member account for a member who has paid to join the club. Also, the administrator is able to modify details of the member (such as contact number, home address, etc.) at any time.

A member is able to send email to any other member in order to communicate with them.The club likes the idea of members getting in contact with each other to talk about whatever they like in being members of the club.

Both the member and the administrator are able to calculate the fees for membership of the club. A member would be interested in calculating the fees they have to pay to be a member of the club. The administrator would also like to calculate fees for any member or potential member of the club.

b. Write the descriptions of courses of events for each use case. Each course of events that you write is a Basic Course of Events. Therefore, you will write about one Basic Course of Events for each use case.

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