Array of a structure. Create a project that will allow a user to look up state names and their two-letter abbreviations. The user will have the options to Look up the Abbreviation or Look up the State Name. In the event that a match cannot be found for the input, display an appropriate error message. Use radio buttons with a shared event procedure and a Select Case to determine which text box (state name or abbreviation) should have the focus and which should be set to ReadOnly.


AL Alabama
MT Montana
AK Alaska
NE Nebraska
AS American Samoa
NV Nevada
AZ Arizona
NH New Hampshire
AR Arkansas
NJ New Jersey
CA California
NM New Mexico
CO Colorado
NY New York
CT Connecticut
NC North Carolina
DE Delaware
ND North Dakota
DC District of Columbia
OH Ohio
FL Florida
OK Oklahoma
GA Georgia
OR Oregon
GU Guam
PA Pennsylvania
HI Hawaii
PR Puerto Rico
ID Idaho
RI Rhode Island
IL Illinois
SC South Carolina
IN Indiana
SD South Dakota
IA Iowa
TN Tennessee
KS Kansas
TX Texas
KY Kentucky
TT Trust Territories
LA Louisiana
UT Utah
ME Maine
VT Vermont
MD Maryland
VA Virginia
MA Massachusetts
VI Virgin Islands
MI Michigan
WA Washington
MN Minnesota
WV West Virginia
MS Mississippi
WI Wisconsin
MO Missouri
WY Wyoming
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