• Read in the data file Read in the contents of data file "AssignmentThreeInput.txt"
  • Provide information to the userFor each word in the file, display to the user which word is currently being permutated (see Figure 1)
  • Permute each word in the file Permute each word in the file for all possible arrangements using all letters
  • Write permutations to a data fileWrite out the permutations of each string contained in the input file as AssignmentThreeOutput.txt
  • Test CasePerform Test Case, results in expected outcome
  • CompileSource compiles with no errors
  • RunSource runs with no errors
  • CommentsSource includes comments

Perform the following test case

  • Test caseRun application
    • Data file AssignmentThreeInput.txt is read in
    • Each word in the file is permuted
    • Console display updates to inform user what the application is doing
    • Data file AssignmentThreeOutput.txt is written out and matches provided example

Sample output: See image.

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