This assignment is broken down into two Parts. Each candidate is expected to contribute to the completion of the Assignment. You are required to finish all the parts. Hence an incomplete or a part of the program not working properly will not be acceptable and will be marked down.

Resources Required

For this assignment you will need the following classes (included in the Assignment1 folder, along with this document in the Elearning of SCBIT):

  • Person
  • Student
  • Test

Assessment Project Part 1

Task 1: Using Array

1.Create a new Namespace in visual studio C# and call it Assignment1_Studentname_ID

2.Add the Person, Student and Test classes to the Namespace

3.Investigate the above classes.

4.In the Test class write a method called HardCodedStudentData() to perform the following tasks:

  • Declare an Array called students of type Student
  • Create instances of the Student class using the following data:
First Name Last Name Year Of Birth Student ID
Fred Smith 1973 900467
Jack Rabbit 1982 2030945
Jenny Forest 1968 21984
  • Add each of the above students to an Array

Task 2: Use Redline to Get User information

Write a method in Test class called UsingReadlineClass () that get an addition of 7 students details (First name, Last name, Year of Birth and Student ID) from the user and add them to the array using for loop and appropriate set method.

Task 3: Search for a particular Student ID

Create a method in the Test class to search for a particular student ID and return the student details. Call the method public Student getStudent(int aStudent)

Task 4: Sorting of student by Student ID

Create a method in the Test class to sort student by student ID and return the student details. Call the method Public StudentSortstudent ()

Task 5: Delete student from the Array

Create a method in the Test class delete a student from the Array. Call the method public Boolean deletedStudent (int aStudentID)

Task 6: Display the number of students in the Array

Create a method in the Test class to display the number of Students in the Array. Call the method public int numberOfStudents ()

Task 7: Display all Students Details in the Array

Create a method in the Test class to display all students details in the Array. Call the method public void displayAllStudents ()

Assessment Project Part 2

Task 1: Create a menu

To better test all the above methods create a menu that displays all the options to the users and give also give them the option to continue or exit from the system. Make sure the results displayed are well formatted as poor formatted results may be marked down.

Task 2: Debugging in C# Application

Use stand-alone debugging tools provided by C# integrated development environment to debug code and Use a debugger to trace code execution and examine variable contents to detect and correct errors

Task 3: Unit Testing in C# Application

Create Unit testing for methods that you think are necessary to test the logic of the application.

Fill the following test plan template to test Application.

Test Plan Template

Test case id Test case Description Expected result Actual result

Task 4 Technical Documentation

Technical documentation is an integral part of C# programming, which also includes demonstration of extensive testing and debugging. Hence ensure the following are submitted:

1.A front page - indicating your names and ID.

  • Table of contents and page numbers

2.Introduction and Conclusion

3.Program Algorithm and flow chart

4.Screen shots of each methods output, of debugging all methods and of testing all methods.

5.Generating C# Application with proper:

  • C# comments
  • code layout
  • meaningful names
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