Consider the code below it is a simple menu driven system

/* Function prototypes */
void fnOption1(void);
void fnOption2(void);
void fnOption3(void);

int main(void)
int nChoice = 1; /* Need an initial value */

while(nChoice != 4)
printf("nMain Menu ...n");
printf("1 Option 1n");
printf("2 Option 2n");
printf("3 Option 3n");
printf("4 Exitnn");
printf("Please enter your choice : ");
scanf("%d", &nChoice);

case 1: fnOption1();

case 2: fnOption2();

case 3: fnOption3();

case 4: break;

default: printf("Invalid input, please try againnn");
return 0;

void fnOption1(void)
printf("nYou selected Option1n");

void fnOption2(void)
printf("nYou selected Option2n");

void fnOption3(void)
printf("nYou selected Option3n");

Using this code as a starting point extend it as follows:

  • Add the array code from Wk8Ex5.c and extend the array size and values such that more employees are added to 10. The employee numbers used should be unique. The values used for salary should include a number of repeated values.
  • Populate the 2D array and output the values to confirm correct population.
  • Allow the user to select the following searches.
    • Search by Employee Number.
    • Search by Employee Salary single value and outputting all repeated values.
    • Search by a Salary range outputting all values within the range.
  • Any output should be formatted appropriately and include both Employee Number and Salary.
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