Part 1

Software models focus on particular aspects of a situation at the expense of others: they both reveal and conceal” Explain this statemen. Attention! To the claim that models may usefully concealaspects of a situation and why this might be thought to be usefull.

Use cases describe system functionality for computer system to process student assignments.

  • Identify actors plausibly associated with this system.
  • Identify two use cases plausibly associated with the actors you have identified. Name them, and explain them.
  • Write down three different scenarios associated with any one of the use cases you have identified. One of these should be the main success scenario and you should identify

Example for a tabular version of the use case description. Library Aventa project 1. See image.

Part 2

  • explain the role of use cases in the analysis of software systems.
  • How would you distinguish a scenario from a use case?

Produce the following deliverables.

  • An identification of Actor(s) involved in Return Books.
  • A use case diagram of Return Books
  • A list of possible scenarios
  • Identification of the main success scenario
  • A detailed use case description check the example above

Theatre case

Reference []

Produce a theatre booking system. Make reasonable assumptions about what should be wanted, perhaps recording those assumptions, if the situation merits it.

keep things as simple as possible.

  • Identify a key use case associated with such a system and give a brief, informal, account of what the use case means.
  • List possible scenarios associated with this use case, and identify the main success scenario.
  • Construct a use case diagram for this use case.
  • Present me an isolated walkthrough. An isoolated walkthrough is built without reference to particular knowledge of the required structure of a system. Although that results will probably be inconsistent, I would like the have the essentials for later development. Construct walkthrough in the tabular form.
  • Use the rough analysis to identify candidate classes associated with use case. Only suggest classes that occur naturally, as part of restricted analysis. Describe the functions and responsibilities of objects from these classes, represent them as class diagrams . You should give such additional verbal explanation of your diagrams.
  • Construct initial CARC cards for each class identified class diagram. - based on preliminary analysis.

Part 4

Construct sequence diagram(s) for a theatre booking system describing the messages associated with your use case concentrating entirely on main functionality

Diagram(s) should make the objects generating messages explicit and you should present textual accounts of all messages appearing, including their identifiers (names), parameters, and return types; and give brief informal accounts of what they achieve.You do not need to provide additional detailed specifications of subservient helper methods associated with your messages but their functionality should be implicitly described. two max. three pages of information (including diagrams) -Concentrate on main functionality.


A database having the following tables.

  • Author
  • Book
  • Volume
  • Customer
  • Loan
  • Reservation
  • System_User
  • Publisher

Construct an XML document giving information about library books. The fo llowing data would be included.

  • Data on the book in question, including title, ISBN number, author, publishing date and edition; and the volumes present in the library.
  • Data on how often the book has been on loan in the past four years.
  • Data on how often the book has been requested in the past 4 years. You would obtain this information from the relational database by executing various database queries.
  • Construct XML document which could be used to handle this information.
  • Explain what you would have to do to turn your XML document into a valid XML document (explain how to reference it, and what it would achieve).
  • Explain that shoud be taken to permit the data in this XML document to be displayed on the web. (explain the processing steps systematically and the technologies involved).
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