This assignment is similar to #4 except

  • The Team information should be represented as an ascending ordered binary tree. (Keep the tree nodes in order as they are inserted.)
  • Your search for a Team Id is using a recursive binary tree traversal.
  • The command file will have a new subcommand, PPRINT, for TEAM. We will be able to pretty print the binary tree of teams. See the output below.
  • You will be provided with a driver program (cs1713p5Driver.c) (see below)
  • Your code must be created in a separate C file (p5abc123.c). (see below)
  • There is a new include file, cs1713p5.h
  • Several of the functions must be recursive: searchT, insertT, prettyPrintT, printInOrder
  • We have provided a Makefile to reduce the chances of errors typing in your gcc commands.


Team same as Programming Assignment #4; however, instead of placing it in linked list, you will put it into an ascending ordered binary tree. Some of the data may have changed.

Command Same as assignment 4 plus this new subcommand for TEAM:

This pretty prints the binary tree. You only have to print the Team IDs in a pretty print manner.
In the following example, notice that the right most child is printed first.

Driver program:

You will be provided with a driver program, cs1713p5Driver.c which

1. invokes the driver's processCommandSwitches

2. invokes the driver's getTeams to read the original team information into a binary tree ordered by Team ID using your insertT function.

3. invokes your printTeams to print the original team information.

4. invokes a driver-provided processCommands which

o reads input lines from the command file until eof:

  • prints the input line
  • determines command and subcommand
  • invokes either
    • your processGameCommand to process a GAME subcommand
    • your processTeamCommand to process a TEAM subcommand

5. invokes your printTeams to print the resulting team information

6. You are also provided these functions:

Note: do not change the cs1713p5Driver.c

Your p5abc123.c code:

  • You should probably copy your p4abc123.c into a file named p5abc123.c.
  • It does the following includes:
#include < stdio.h>
#include < string.h>
#include "cs1713p5.h"
  • It must not include cs1713p5Driver.c within your p5abc123.c file. Look at the notes below on Compiling Using the make Utility.
  • Remove insertLL. We will be using insertT.
  • Remove searchLL. We will be using searchT.
  • Change printTeams:
    • Receives NodeT *pRoot instead of the linked list pHead.
    • It should still print the column heading for the table of teams; however, it should invoke printInOrder to print the tree in order.
  • Add the recursive function printInOrder which prints all the information about teams in order recursively. This is called by printTeams.
  • Change processGameCommand:
    • Receives NodeT *pRoot instead of the Node **ppHead. Notice that we are not passing the address of pRoot to this function.
    • Invokes processGame passing pRoot and game
    • Invokes processGameFix passing pRoot, game, and the two old scores.
  • Change processGame:
    • Receives NodeT *pRoot instead of the Node *pHead
    • Uses searchT to find a team in the binary tree. p1 = searchT(pRoot, game.szTeamId1);
  • Change processGameFix:
    • Receives NodeT *pRoot instead of the Node *pHead
    • Uses searchT to find a team in the binary tree.
  • Change processTeamCommand:
    • Receives NodeT **ppRoot instead of the Node **ppHead.
    • Uses searchT to find a team in the binary tree. You will have to dereference ppRoot. p = searchT(*ppRoot, team.szTeamId1);
    • The NEW subcommand uses insertT to insert a new team into the binary tree. *ppRoot = insertT(*ppRoot, team);
    • Add code for the new TEAM PPRINT subcommand. This should invoke prettyPrintT.
  • Add the function prettyPrintT which prints a binary tree by printing its right most node first. You only have to print the team IDs.
  • You must create the following routines (see the include file):
    • insertT - using the reconstruct approach, this recursively inserts a team into the ordered binary tree. This returns a pointer to the referenced subtree which is either the pointer it was passed or a pointer to a new node.
    • searchT - recursively searches for a Team Id in the ordered binary tree. If found, it returns a pointer to the node that contains it. If not found, it returns NULL.

Please review the cs1713p5.h include file.

Sample Partial Output:

Initial Teams
Id Team Name Wins Loss Fee Amt Paid Amt
Contact Name Phone Email
ALHGHT Cake Eaters 4 4 175.00 100.00
E Z Street (210)555-6666
COM001 Comm Eagles 7 1 150.00 75.00
Mae King (210)555-2222
HACK02 Hackers 3 5 150.00 75.00
Tom E Gunn (210)555-5555
NEWB01 River Rats 0 8 120.00 75.00
Rock D Boat (210)555-4444
SOUTH1 Slam Dunk 5 3 120.00 75.00
Jerry Tall (210)555-3333
UNKN01 Org New Blk 1 7 150.00 50.00
Bob Wire (210)555-1234
UTSA01 Armadillos 8 0 150.00 80.00
Jean E Us (210)555-1111
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