Write a server for a client. The client sends text messages to the server line by line.

For each line entered by the user on the client side, the server receives the line of message, calculates the number of bytes received so far, and sends them back to the client. The client terminates the communication by sending a single line with FIN. Write your server and client applications using TCP.

Your server should be able to serve multiple clients at the same time (multithreading server).

On the client side, the command line interface of the program looks like:

Java client hostname 6066
5 bytes received by server
Good Morning
17 bytes received by server
(continue ....)
Total 700 bytes received by server

The source code needs to be submitted on the blackboard by the due day of midnight Feb 2 . A demo will be conducted during the class. Each student will be asked on simple questions.

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