• Declaring more than one method with the same name but different sets of parameters is called method overloading
  • You cannot overload a constructor.
  • Given a method with the signature: public void numberCruncher(int num1, int num2, String name) an example call to this method could be: myNumberCrunch.numberCruncher("Fred", 3, 5)
  • The + operator can be used in string concatenation.
  • A static method can be used even if no objects of the class have been instantiated.
  • A class or static variable should be used when all objects of a class must use the same copy of the variable.
  • If packages are used, the package declaration should come directly after any import declarations in a java source file.
  • The private access modifier can control the access to variables and methods of a class.
  • An accessor is another term for a set method.
  • Arrays have to hold the values of the same type.
  • The first index of an array is index zero.
  • The following code creates an array, b, with 3 columns and 2 rows: int[][] b = new int[2][3];
  • Given an array called x, you can access the 5th element in array x by the following code: x[5]; //reference the 5th element in an array
  • Nested for loops are commonly used to display the contents of 2-dimensional arrays. The enhanced "for" statement will iterate through the elements of an array.
  • Given array ‘y’ that holds values of type int, the following code will set the 5th element of the array to 6: Y[6] = 5;
  • A list of method parameters are separated by semicolons.
  • A method can return at most one value.
  • Class Math has several static methods.
  • The Java Application Programming Interface is a Java class library with thousands of predefined classes.
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