Hast tables performance evaluation on Turkish dictionary


You will be given a word list containing thousands of Turkish words. You will be asked for finding the number of collisions by entering these words in a dictionary based on hash tables.

Primarily, you must perform an implementation of Dictionary ADT based on hash tables and operating according to linear probing collision resolution rule. Reporting of numbers of total collisions and maximum collisions for 17 different hash functions is expected. 17 different hash functions will be obtained by using cyclic shift hash codes from 0 to 16.

Briefly, you will be asked for simulating the result table for English words (included in page 528 [table 9.2] in the textbook) for Turkish words.

Other information:

  • Default max load factor value 0.5. Initial table size value 100.
  • Division method as compression function.
  • Cyclic shift hash codes as hash code function.
  • Linear probing collision resolution method.
  • Insensitive of lower/uppercase.


The program you will write will import a text file which contains one Turkish word in every line as an input and as for output it will produce a report on the screen formatted as given in Table 9.2.

Note: Do not use instant hash tables data structures; write the descriptions of data structures you will need by yourself.

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