A manufacturing company has a process that begins with the mixture of 4 liquid solutions, combined to make the base material for products they manufacture. Two of the liquid solutions (A & C) come packaged in containers that are measured in liters; the other 2 liquid solutions (B & D) are packaged in containers that are measured in U.S. gallons. The amount of the 4 solutions that are placed into the mixture can vary based on the organization’s production needs each day, but are always placed in as whole units (not fractions of a unit).

When manufacturing their products, the organization uses many different units of measurement from the United States customary system (e.g. pints, quarts). Dependent on what is being manufactured each day, employees must manually calculate the total size of the base material batch and then convert into the proper unit of measurement for each product mix. This manual calculation has caused inaccuracies in the past, mostly due to employees’ arithmetic errors.

You are to write a program to solve this problem for the organization. Your program should capture each amount of liquid solution mixed in to create the base material, and then display the base material total volume in all of the various units of measurements used in the manufacturing process. The units of measurements used by the organization:

  • US gallons
  • US quarts
  • US pints
  • US cups
  • US fluid ounces
  • US tablespoons
  • US teaspoons

The organization rounds up all converted measurements to the hundredths position, and your program is expected to do the same.

The organization desires that the program allow workers to re-enter calculations continuously throughout the business day. So your design must allow repetition of the calculation process. The organization has also specified a textual prompt that will ask the workers if they wish to exit the program or re-calculate another product mix result, where a capital letter “Y” represents closing the program:

Exit product mix calculation (Y to exit)?

Your supervisor has requested you create a structure chart for the design of your program. In addition, he has requested that your program incorporate procedural abstraction via function subprograms. This will allow future programmers to read the sequence of actions easily (and possibly, other written processes for the organization might be able to reuse some of your subprograms in the future).

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