Create a class named USCalendar class that offers a variety of functionality based off the DateTime class:

Note: Don’t inherit from DateTime class, create your own custom class that utilizes DateTime within it.

Implement 4 Methods and 2 Constructors:

  • Class should have two constructors. A default constructor that initializes the class with the current server DateTime and a constructor that allows you to pass a DateTime in as a parameter to initialize it.
  • Method IsTodayInWeekend() – Return true/false if the current date is in the weekend.
  • Method IsCurrentYearLeapYear() – Returns true/false if the current year is a leap year. Hint : Look at the DateTime class documentation
  • Method TotalDaysInMonth() – Returns how many days are in the month currently represented by this Date. Example: is a leap year, February has 29 days but only 28 otherwise. Hint: Look at the DateTime class Documentation
  • Method GetTodayHolidayName() – Returns the name of a US holiday or “Not a Holiday” for the current date.

List of US Holidays can be found here, you need to encode at least 5:

Note: It is ok to just use 2015 dates for dates that change every year.

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