Create a program that allows the user to enter the full name (last name, first name) and age of an IT user, then generates a user ID. If there is a problem with the format of the full name then generate an error message. The user ID will consist of the first initial of the first name, the last name and a three digit number (Sally Wests user ID would be swest001). The user ID is not case sensitive and should be displayed in all lower case.

The program will consist of four list boxes to hold the following values:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • User ID
  • Age

The age should be validated for an integer age from 15 to 90. All first occurrences of a user ID will use 001 as the three digits but for subsequent occurrence of the same user ID then increment the value by one (Sam Wests user ID would be swest002).

The program should allow the user to add new users, remove existing ones, clear the list to start over, and exit the program. Upon existing the program, the program will display the number of users and the average age of the users displayed in the list boxes.

You must create a function procedure to create the initial user ID given the first name and last name.

You must create a sub procedure to check for duplicate user IDs and adjust the tree digit number accordingly.

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