In this assignment you will complete a program to play Conways Game of Life. Read the following Wikipedia page to learn more about it, and the rules of the game. Your task is to finish programming an implementation having a 10x10 board, using some of the user interface and program already created for you.

Download and modify the following VB project.

The user interface looks like this when the program is first started, and during a game, respectively. See image.

Program the Event Handling Subs for the following buttons: Quit, Load Configuration and Save Configuration, as well as the Sub Procedure Compute(). Read the comments throughout the code to understand where to write your parts, and for further instructions.

As you will see from the comments in the code, you can load or save a board into a text file to avoid having to type a starting point for the game by hand. For your convenience and to test your code, download the following Additional Files:

  • CaseNone.txt contains a board without any live cells
  • CaseAll.txt contains a board with only live cells
  • Other board files are some interesting examples where the game does not evolve, evolves at infinity or some other interesting patterns are produced.

Here are a few examples of the working game, you can have fun creating your own patterns:

Case1.txt This pattern disappears at the 5th generation See image.

CaseGlider1.txt A glider: this pattern repeats and glides across the board See image.

CaseEngine.txt A glider generating engine: this pattern generates a glider after several generations See image.

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