create a Memory Game with several required enhancements. When the project is finished, the game should start with a Switchboard form that allows the user to choose a level to play. There should be at least 3 different levels of game play to choose from. Each level of game play should open a new form that has all the game objects on it. So, you will have a multi-form project when this is done being created. The switchboard will be the main form that shows at startup. It can have several buttons on it to choose from the different levels of game play. It should be attractively formatted.

The required number of forms will depend upon how many levels of game play you decide to make. If you go with the minimum requirement of 3 Levels, there should be a minimum of 5 forms. The first will control the switchboard. The next three will control the individual games. The last will be a form to show game rules.

It is up to you to decide how much advancement you want to program into your higher levels. For example, the basic level must include 16 cards. If you choose to, you may increase the number of cards in play as the levels go up, but that option is not mandatory. At a minimum, each level increase should reduce the amount of time allowed per game, as well as the number of chances allowed per game.

The following are Required Enhancements:

  • You MUST give the user an ability to enter his or her name
  • You MUST give the user an ability to choose from at least 3 different card sets. That means different themed pictures for each card set. It is up to you to decide the themes of your pictures for each card set. You do NOT have to use the flags theme posed in the chapter. Be as creative as you want when choosing your theme.
  • If you want to create your own custom cards, by all means be my guest. If you want to download a variety of different pictures to use in each theme, that is fine, as long as you are not breaking any copyright requirements. Make sure that you cite the sources for your pictures. Your citations can be comments in your code. You MUST use an additional timer to keep track of when the game play time expires. You can choose to make it in any increments you want. For example, beginner level might allow 5 minutes, intermediate level 4 minutes, and advanced level 2 minutes.
  • You MUST use a timer to control how long each card pair displays on the screen during any given turn. The purpose is so that when a pair is displayed, if it is not an immediate match, the user can see the two pictures for a finite amount of time to try and remember their locations going forward.
  • You MUST keep a counter of how many matches were successful, and a counter of how many total pair selections were made. The results should be displayed on a running basis on the game form.
  • You MUST have at least 3 levels of gameplay
  • You MUST have a Game Rules form as previously discussed
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