To generate a system administrators to-do list that can be modified and saved to a text file.


  • Text file to open for reading
  • User choice: (1-add new to-do item, 2-update existing to-do item, 3- delete existing to-do item, 4-print list of to-do items, 5-quit)


  • Updated list of to-do items, error messages when appropriate
  • Text file written with updated contents


The VBScript program maintains a list of to-do items supplied by a system administrator. It will be called by an HTMLfile in order to make it portable and platform independent (although it only runs under compatibility with Internet Explorer version 9 and earlier).

Input and output will be handled via dialog boxes (inputbox and messagebox, respectively). Each option should be implemented as a separate function within the VBScript file, and selected upon the appropriate choice by the user.

The to-do items will be loaded from an input file and stored in a global array which will be recognized and modified appropriately by each function.

Initially, the program prompts for an input text file to read from. If the file does not exist, it should be created. The program should then loop until the user chooses to quit. If the user enters an illegal status, the program will prompt again for the status input. Upon quitting, the program prompts the user to save the list to an output file with the same name as the original input text file.

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