Design and implement a 2-person "WAR" card game with a NICE GUI. Or the best of your ability


  • This game will have TWO players.
  • There are 52 cards in a card deck (I have attached the pictures/images for each card). Use the "ImageIcon" class to create a JLabel with a picture on it. I will give you some sample code in class for how to do this with pictures. Google it as well and you will find plenty of sample code . Essentially, create a JFrame with a JPanel in it (maybe more than one JPanel if you want to organize your screen with buttons in 1 panel and cards in another panel and then maybe even a menu in a third panel). Inside of your panels, you will put your graphics objects (JButton, JLabel,…) . For this game, create a JLabel (at least 2 of them for the cards that are on the screen for each user). Inside of the JLabel will be an “ImageIcon” (with the picture of a card … use the .png files … c2.png, c2.png, ….)
  • To begin play, each player gets ½ of the deck (26 cards each). Make sure you RANDOMLY select which cards you give them. (Hint: ((int)(Math.random() *52)+1 will give you a random number between 1 and 52 . Assign each card in the deck a number between 1 and 52).
  • During each ROUND, each player will show their top card and will compare them. The player with the high card will “win” the other player’s card. NOTE: IF THERE IS A TIE (the players display the SAME card value), then you must play “war” … spell out W-A-R …put down 3 cards in a row and then draw the final card to see who wins the “war”. This tie-breaking activity continues until someone wins the “war”.
  • Each player should have 2 PILES (or arraylists) …. One with their current playing cards (“CURRENT” pile!) and the other with the cards they won during their “face-offs” (“WINNINGS” pile!) …When the player has no more cards in his current playing deck, then he must “SHUFFLE” (come up with your own method of “randomizing” the cards … maybe shift every other card to another spot in the deck so that they are not in order anymore) his “winnings” deck and use that pile as his “CURRENT” deck.
  • Play will continue until one of the players has no more cards left. The player with NO cards left is the LOSER.
  • Make sure you give your program an appealing GUI.
  • COMMENT your code so I know what each section of your code is doing.
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