You have to design and implement a simple and small email server using the concept of web based information system (WBIS). Your system would perform following tasks to facilitate the users:

  • Task 1: Sign in or sign up: Already registered users should be able to sign in the system using username and password (stored in the database). A new user should be able to register (sign up) with the system providing some basic profile information such as, name, date of birth, username, password, gender etc.
  • Task 2: See the list of users (only the user name/ID) already registered in the system.
  • Task 3: A user should be able to send a message to another existing user using the username/ID. The message should go to the inbox of the recipient. The recipient should be able to see the message from the inbox.
  • Task 4: A user should be able to see his/her own messages from the inbox.
  • Task 5: A user should be able to delete a message from the inbox
  • Task 6: A user should be able to update his/her profile
  • Task 7: Implement any additional feature such as, sent item, trash box, message subject field, sending to multiple recipients etc.
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