For the Final Project, you will create a personal website about yourself, including, but not limited to, your family, your pets, your job, school, hobbies, etc. Listed below are the elements and the points for each element that are required for this Project. The Final Project will be worth 200 points

The following elements are required for the Final Project:

  • The website must contain at least five (5) pages. Each page must have a consistent appearance (similar font styles, font sizes, text colors, background colors, etc).
  • Create a Cascading Style Sheet to style all pages. Attach the style sheet to ALL pages.
  • Each page must have either a background color or background graphic.
  • Create navigation links which link each page to one another. The user must not have to use the BACK button for navigation.
  • The site must include at least 5 graphics. Include alternate text for all graphics for those who have visual disabilities and rely on screen readers to verbally communicate the graphic information
  • Your web site must include at least one list.
  • Include an image map in the site. One of the graphics must contain at least two hot spots linking portions of the graphic to places within the website or to external websites.
  • The website must contain at least one table. Insert a background color for the cells, designate a border size (other than 0), and choose a border color.
  • Your site must include a feedback form that sends feedback of your choice to your email address.
  • Your site must include at least one sound or video file.
  • Create a Word document describing your website, how the website is organized, the page titles, the design concept you have chosen, etc. In addition, explain, item by item, how each of the requirements for this Project was met and on which web page(s) the required elements appear.
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