The file must be called week7Prog.cpp

Main method:

  • Create Binary Search Tree that will accept integers in this order: 35, 18, 48, 72, 60, 25
  • Refer to page 537 Example 10-8 for example code.
  • Ask user for input and search tree utilizing integer input.
  • Return “True” if integer is found or “False” if number is not found in tree.
  • Methods utilized are up to your discretion.
  • See example below for desired output.
  • Include: system("PAUSE"); after your output to pause the screen.

Ensure you include ALL files required to make your program compile and run. I would like to see your .cpp file and the .exe file that is inside your debug directory.

Example output of your program

Enter Integer to search for: 12
Enter Integer to search for: 60
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