We will use Wilmington University classes, students, and instructors for the case study. Classes at Wilmington University use the following coding scheme: See image.

A class is a specific section of a course given at a particular site, in a specific format (course type), during a specific term. In addition, a trimester code (FA, SP, SU) and year uniquely identifies each class. For instance:


The database should include the department and site codes. Each department offers at least one course. Each course is offered at least once a year. Frequently, a course is offered many times during the year as classes at different sites, in different formats (course type), and at different times. A new site may be added to the database before classes are scheduled at that site.

A specific class section for a course is added to the schedule before an instructor is assigned. Only one instructor will be assigned to a specific class. Initially, after a class is first scheduled, there are no students enrolled in the class. But, a class will generally have many students enrolled.

In addition to the Wilmington University classes, students, and instructors, the case study will include the tuitions costs. The actual tuition payments for each class a student takes will also be tracked in the database. A student can pay for a class in multiple installments. The tuition information can be found here: http://www.wilmu.edu/studentfinancialservices/tuition.aspx

To simplify the tuition cost information, we will assume there is only one rate for Online & Distance Learning Undergraduate courses and only one rate for Online & Distance Learning Graduate courses. (We will assume no special rate for military personnel.) In the database we will track only tuition costs, not the fees or costs associated with auditing a course, getting credit for prior learning, or directed study / internships.

The student information in the database will include the student contact information. Each student must supply at least one phone number and can optionally supply additional phone numbers.

The instructor information in the database will include the instructors name, address, e-mail, and one contact phone number.

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