Using Classes with Inheritance Create an abstract class Employee. The class will be abstract because it will define an abstract method that will print the contents of the class. The Employee class should keep track of (store in instance variables) the Employees first and last name, address and phone number. Because the Employee class is abstract you cannot create an Employee class instance.

Create three Classes that inherit from Employee. The first would be a basic employee that would only implement the print method. The other two would add some other characteristics that the class would keep track of (in instance variables). Each class will have to implement the print method. These three classes should each have a no argument constructor that will take inputs from the user (via the Scanner class) for all of the instance variables.

Then create a driver program that will allow the user to create a new instances of each type of class that you have defined. For each class that is created, it should be stored. The new class instance can be stored in an array, Stack (see the slides for the Stack class) or in a List (we will cover how to do this using the List class next week in class). The driver program should allow the user to print out all of the classes that have been created.

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