Write a new class named Assignment3. This class will open a text file, read its contents, and count its words.


  • Add two private member variables, one to store the name of the file, and another to store the count of words in the file.
  • Add a public constructor. Its only argument is the name of the file (you pick an appropriate type for this argument). Use the constructor to initialize one of the variables from requirement #1.
  • Add a public "getter" for the word count, name it "getTotalWordCount". Use an appropriate return type. This will return the number of words contained within the input file.
  • Add a public "getter" for the file name, name it "getFileName". Use an appropriate return type.
  • Add a public function named "processFile". It returns nothing and accepts no arguments. This function will:
  • Open the input text file.
  • Read the file's contents into a buffer.
  • Close the file.
  • Convert the buffer into a String.
  • Tokenize the string and use the tokenizer to initialize your word count variable.
  • Handle appropriate exceptions.

Bonus requirements:

  • Make sure you get the requirements above done first. I recommend you submit the solution before attempting the bonus.
  • Add a private member variable that will store the most frequent word in the file.
  • Add a "getter" for the variable in bonus requirement #2. Call it getMostFrequentWord(). Use an appropriate return type.
  • Add code to your processFile function that counts the number of times each word appears in the file. A HashMap is a good choice for this.
  • Add code to your processFile function sets the value of the variable added for bonus requirement #2. Don't worry about ties.
  • Add a "getter" called getCountForWord(). It accepts a single argument, the word to search for. Use an appropriate type for the argument and the return value.
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