In this assignment, you will decide how many classes you need and what methods and variables should be included in each class. Hint: you may consider the following classes (Note: this is not a complete class list):

  • GradeReportSystem: to implement all UI components and all button functions
  • GradeXMLPaser: to parse XML file
  • StudentRecord: to store each student’s record
  • Record: to store the result of each homework or exam

Application Functions Description:

  • The “Load” button is used to load the XML file and display all student names in the left side display area (using a JList).
  • The “Save” button is used to save all student records including their final grades into a text file called studentrecord.txt.
  • The “Exit” button is used to exit from the application
  • The “Query” button is used to display in the right side display area (using a JTextArea) the complete information including the final grade for a queried name. One example is:
Student Name: aaa
Homework1: 90
Homework1: 80
Homework1: 90
Homework1: 85
Homework1: 95
Homework1: 90
Exam1: 90
Exam1: 70
Exam1: 95
Final Grade: 87.3
  • [Hint: The final grade calculation formula is: (90+80+90+85+95+90)*0.08 + (90+70)*0.15 + 95*0.22]
  • If the queried student name doesn’t exist, an exception is thrown and a warning message “This student doesn’t exam in the system” should be displayed in the JTextArea.
  • If the “Query” button is clicked before the XML information is loaded, an exception is thrown and a warning message “No data has been loaded” should be displayed in the JTextArea.
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