• For the XML parser to ignore a certain section of your XML document, which syntax is correct?
  • The name of the root element of XML schema document must be?
  • XSD stands for:
  • The syntax for defining an attribute is:
  • XML Schema primitive data types can be refined by using data type
  • XML Namespaces are useful because
  • Conflicting names, same name for two different elements, are resolved in XML schemas using
  • The syntax to write qualified names is
  • XML schema allows only simple type for attributes. (True/False)
  • XML schema elements with simple types can have attributes. (True/False)
  • All XML schemas have a schema root element. (True/False)
  • A default namespace is the one which
  • A default name space is specified as;
  • A target namespace is the one that will contain all definitions provided in schema documents. A target namespace is specified using following attribute name of schema element;
  • The restriction element in XML schema is used to
  • Following is a valid XML Schema element definition (True/False)
  • Write a valid XML value of following XML Schema definition of an element
  • Write a valid XML value of following XML Schema definition of an element
  • Look at the following fragment from an XML Schema Which of the following elements could occur four times but could not occur zero times in an XML document that was valid according to this schema
  • XML Schema integer data type has how many facets ?

Consider above xml data. Write XPath statement to get the value of Name attribute. See image.

Consider above XML data.

  • What is the Ancestor element of < author > element?
  • Write an XPath statement to get the value of category attribute of “XQuery Kick Start” book element.
  • Which of the following query statement is used to select all title and price elements from given XML data?
  • //book XQuery expression will return from XML data.
  • @ symbol is used to:
  • XPath statement “//@lang” will return what values from given XML document. Answer:
  • Write and XPath statement to select books published before 2005
  • Write XPath statement to get all authors of XQuery Kick Start book element.
  • What is returned from XML document by the XPath expression “/bookstore/book[1]/title/..”

Pizza is an Italian fast food. Pizza Recipe includes various ingredients. Certain amount or units of each ingredient should be used. Preparation method must follow specific steps. Pizza recipes are available with helping comments. Nutrition value of a Pizza such as carbohydrates, fats, calories etc are also provided.

  • Create a DTD model for Pizza recipes. Create a valid XML instance that for your DTD
  • after that Transform your Pizza DTD into a valid XML Schema.

Create XML Schema for Tables “Students” and “Books”.

Store data in XML document corresponding to the Schema you created in step 1. See image.

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